Cross over the borders

All children work in parallel on a joint art project in their own environment under guidance of their own teachers ( Ka! & Sjøholmen) The communication between both partners (pupils and teachers) during these lessons is done through online meetings. Each Belgian child is assigned a Norwegian buddy with whom they can communicate, create together and show their work. This strengthens the intercultural competences and extends the living environment of the children to peers in a different culture. By implementing digitization (smartboard in the class, tablets for the children and special build apps) in the learning moments, the children learn to work together internationally and to participate in our multicultural society. Over several weeks, the children create various works of art (digital and analogue) under the guidance of their teacher. Together, they create a design for the wall, which they paint together in April 2023 in Sandvika. This includes a stop-motion so that the wall comes to life using augmented reality. For this, in the preparatory weeks, they each make their attributes that then be used in the animation.