Cross over the borders

It was not evident to find apps you can use in art-schools and especially when it has to be multilingual. We did a lot of research and will still experiment with new ones. This is what we found.

communication apps


Multilingual chat app


Whiteboard app, standard on Ipad. Easy for co-working, brainstorm, drawing.


Whiteboard app

Drawing apps

Procreate for Ipad

One of the best drawing app with very extensive brush collection, much loved by professionals.

Infinite Painter for Android

Similar as Procreate but on Android

Adobe Fresco

Drawing app with live brushes where the paint is digital but moves as it would in real life when paint and water flow together.

video apps


Editor, standard on all iphones and ipads after 2015.


Video Editor for Android.




Stopmotion app

Stopmotion Studio

Stopmotion app


With this, you can create stop-motion movies or photo slideshows.

MPEG Streamclip

You can open, play, edit and convert videos in various file formats.


film with different people from different points of view and the app afterwards pastes them together into 1 movie.


You can use it to record videos and edit videos (such as color filters, exposure, clipping, etc.)

Photo apps

Adobe Lightroom

If you want to pull raw images with your smartphone camera, you can do so with this app. This way, more details are preserved from the photo. You also can edite your pictures

Adobe Photoshop Camera

This allows you to take photos with nice filters (or lenses). Afterwards, you can go directly to Lightroom to edit the exposure.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo Editor to do some small corrections


Comprehensive app to update photos.

Tiny Planets FX Pro

You can turn your photos into mini planets.

Pip Camera

To take duplicate photos (e.g., a photo in a bottle).


With this app, you make it look like the photo was taken with an old analog camera. There are several photos that can be used to create a vintage effect. The effects even work for videos!


Take a picture and make it partially move. Make the clouds move or the waterfall or river flow. With Pixaloop, you can add these effects to a photo.


In fact, with this app you can easily remove distortions in your photo.


With the TouchRetouch app, you can quickly and easily remove unwanted objects from your photo.


Do you like to take pictures during the golden or blue hours? And would you like to know exactly what time the sun rises or sets in a certain place?