Cross over the borders

Kunstacademie eeklo

The Art Academy Eeklo (KA! Eeklo) belongs to the part-time Art Education and offers artistic training to everyone from the age of 6. All teachers have a master’s degree in the visual arts as well as a pedagogical competence. They pass on their knowledge and skills to the students. Through their own artistic practice, they also stimulate research and experimentation. Furthermore, we think it is important and it is endorsed in the curriculum objectives that showing contemporary visual art is a permanent goal. The KA! believes that the development of each person’s personality can only be fully nurtured if the acquisition of knowledge and insights as well as the creative and artistic, are included. Its primary goal is to raise awareness of one’s own creativity. The KA! offers art education for every individual and has a strong focus on inclusion, several measures (accessibility for people with disabilities, financial support measures) are provided.


Sjøholmen art and culture house is a social entrepreneurship in a villa from 1898 of 1500 sqm. For three years, the company has met more than 30,000 children through visits to the house and external cultural productions. We focus on cross-aesthetic art where artforms and genres slide into each other. Cross-aesthetic art is one of the fields where art’s community involvement is most clearly expressed. In our house, we share expertise through artistic development work and dissemination to a wide audience.

Connected Art

Connected.ART’s main purpose is to connect art and technology by developing and offering a novel platform and infrastructure for production, distribution and enjoyment of digital art. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mix Reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and various holographic technologies are among the interesting technology tracks for exposure and treatment of art. In addition, underlying technologies and modern infrastructure provide very exciting approaches to production, distribution and enjoyment of art. C.A will is the link between advanced technology and art. C.A will provide tools and services that make it easy for users to create art, distribute art, and enjoy art. C.A will work actively to promote artists and seek new and exciting ways of distribution and sales, including revenue models on behalf of its artists. The main focus initially is Augmented Reality and a mobile application for the enjoyment of AR art and culture.