Cross over the borders

Evaluation of the project

A roadmap was created from the beginning and shared with everyone via the google drive platform. This included budgets, activities and reports of online meetings and past activities. This way, every partner could consult and add to it at any time. The activities were also always listed on the specially created website. We also sounded […]

Digital integration

The result of the project is a painted wall to which augmented reality has been applied. The wall will remain like this for five years. In Belgium, the same design will be applied to a banner and displayed on the facade of the Art Academy in Lievegem. Applying digital tools in art education is still […]

Working together in Sjøholmen & Sandvika

For 2 days, we work with the 33 children, their teachers and tutors to paint the wall in Sandvika with eco-friendly paints. The wall will be on display in the Centre of Sandvika for 5 years, by scanning the wall it will come to life with Augmented Reality. The group will be too big to […]

First day in Oslo

In addition to the creative work, and in consultation with both partners, we plan for all the children various urban, cultural and leisure activities that are accessible to their age group. Not every child has the opportunity to make such a trip and to get in contact with children in another country. Today, we explore […]

Heading off to Norway

The moment has finally arrived. We travel with our 25 Belgian children to faraway Oslo to work with the Norwegian children. For many children, it is their first time travelling. With this, we want to give each of them a chance to embark on this adventure.


The project focuses on digital integration within art-education. All children have drawn an insect on paper and this animal are vector-scanned using the Ipads. We all have lasered them out of recycled wood. Afterwards the children will continue to work with them by painting them and creating stopmotion animations.    

3-days of co-creation

All children work in parallel on a joint art project in their own environment under guidance of their own teachers ( Ka! & Sjøholmen) The communication between both partners (pupils and teachers) during these lessons is done through online meetings. Each Belgian child is assigned a Norwegian buddy with whom they can communicate, create together […]

Installation of the iPads

Jonas from Connected Art and Annika from KA!Eeklo are responsabel for the installation of the IPads. It’s important we use the same apps so we can communicate and co-create during the project. For communication between the children we will use Microsoft Translator. All the kids can write in their own language with each other. Another […]

Kick-off Erasmus+ projects in Brussels

Epos organizes the annual kick-off meeting (“kick-off”) for newly approved KA2 projects in February. This day took place physically in Brussels and focused mainly on content workshops and networking opportunities.

Evening for the parents and their children

In this first activity, we mainly want to reassure children and their parents. By explaining the whole project, we want to communicate clearly. As organisers, it is important that we also listen to the needs of the children and that any medical issues are mentioned. This way, we can take into account the particular needs […]